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On-demand home services by SwiftHero

SwiftHero is an app that connects Melbourne to a network of local electricians, plumbers, locksmiths and other skilled tradespeople.


Exclusive to Melbourne, SwiftHero is a new marketplace for on-demand home services. When you need a locksmith, plumber, handyman or anybody else, we are at your rescue.

SwiftHero connects homeowners with exceptional service providers when you don’t want to wait. With up-front pricing, real-time ETA notifications and seamless payment, SwiftHero is here to save your day.

We’re passionate about making on-demand home services simple, for both customers and businesses.

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The home services market is old.

The way we order home services is slow and outdated, and we feel it is time to make a change.

Not a lot has changed since the first edition of the Yellow Pages came out in 1975. When looking for a local tradie, we still rummage through phone directories — the only difference being that nowadays those directories are online. Online or not, phone directories don’t solve the problems that should have been solved a very long time ago.

SwiftHero's App

In an age of technology, we shouldn’t need to muck around on the phone all day to find a viable business.

When we grab a tradesperson’s number off the web, we find they usually don’t pick up. Tradies are often very busy people with very little time to waste, so it might take five or six numbers until you phone doesn’t ring out. After somebody finally answers, they’ll probably tell you to expect them between 12pm and 4pm in a few days for a quote.

Nobody likes to wait around all day waiting for a knock at the door. It’s impossible to schedule your day when you don’t know what time the tradie is going to arrive. We’ve heard stories of some tradies showing up over five hours later than they promised, or in some cases not showing up at all!

Nobody wants to hire a dud, and that’s why online reviews were invented. Unfortunately, local tradesperson reviews are more-or-less useless because there are so few of them — usually zero — and it’s impossible to tell if they’re even written by legitimate customers. Anybody can submit an anonymous review, so what’s stopping somebody from trying to prop up their business?

We all know a few tradie horror stories, and many of us have been bitten by the “dodgy” minority ourselves. Asking to see a license is awkward and annoying, but unfortunately necessary. Homeowners who don’t check whether their service provider is qualified and insured run the massive risk of a hefty bill. Hiring an unqualified tradesperson is like playing Russian Roulette with your home. Wouldn’t it be simpler if there was someone else looking out for you?

We at SwiftHero work to make sure you have a happy, hassle-free tradie experience. We’re announcing our unique solution to solve all of these problems and make home services easy for everyone. With SwiftHero, you’re ensured an on-time qualified, licensed, insured, friendly, great service provider for a reasonable pre-negotiated price.

We’ve brought home services up to speed with technology.

SwiftHero dispatches service providers to your home in minutes. It connects you to a great local business when you need something done. Locked yourself out? SwiftHero will send out a locksmith. Frustrated assembling a flat-pack you just bought from IKEA? A handyman is on the way. SwiftHero carries plumbers, electricians, gardeners, cleaners, locksmiths, handymen and other skilled workers.

SwiftHero is the go-between that is going to make your life easier. We streamline the process from start to finish, and we’re here to look after you.

SwiftHero App Screenshots

  1. When placing an order on SwiftHero, you’ll be asked a few easy questions which help to narrow down your order to a specific service. Once this is complete, SwiftHero will know what training and qualifications are necessary and we’ll use this information to find nearby available service providers.

  2. SwiftHero will send off your order request to the closest and best available service provider, and give them a couple of minutes to decide whether they can accept it. If the answer is no — maybe they’re already stumped with work — we’ll pass it on to the next person until somebody confirms.

  3. SwiftHero calculates and texts you the service provider’s estimated time of arrival by inspecting their schedule and using GPS location tracking. In the case of jobs taking longer than usual, bad traffic or tsunamis, we’ll let you know if the estimate changes so you won’t be left in the dark.

  4. After the work is complete, payment can be made through the app or you can simply pay cash. We’ll ask you to rate the service provider to help out future customers.

Service providers on SwiftHero are properly registered, insured, and their qualifications have been verified by us so that you don’t need to worry. Every provider on SwiftHero has been hand-picked and screened because we only want the very best.

We don’t want any bad experiences on SwiftHero, so if a provider’s average rating falls below four stars, they’re no longer welcome on the platform. We do this so that quality is always top-notch and the duds are kept at bay.

SwiftHero has launched in South Yarra and surrounding suburbs with plumbers, electricians, gardeners, cleaners, locksmiths and handymen.

Our goal is to become Melbourne’s “go-to” for every kind of home service.

Try SwiftHero today.

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