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How SwiftHero Works

We asked people what they really want when they book a tradesperson. The answer was somebody who is experienced and qualified who can complete the job at a time that suits us for a fair price.

Nobody wants to be mucked around.

We want five things:

The problem with booking a tradesperson the old way — whether it be through “three-quote” sites or old local directories — is that it’s tiresome to separate the good from the bad.

Even when you manage to find a good business, you still have to negotiate a rate. And let’s be honest: most people don’t even know what a fair rate is.

Once you’ve agreed on a price, you still need to do due diligence to make sure the tradesperson is licensed and insured, and then struggle to find a time that fits both of you.

It’s messy, it’s a nuisance, and it’s tiresome — especially for smaller, common jobs.

What if we could guarantee all five criteria and save you the work?

With our proprietary technology, we can match you with a suitable local business at a competitive price and send you a confirmation in just minutes.

SwiftHero hand-picks businesses that we know to be some of the greatest locals in Melbourne, and we’ll read all of their past reviews. We only want to keep on the best — so if a business falls below an average rating of four stars on SwiftHero, we’ll take them offline.

Every business registered on SwiftHero is required to hold a public liability insurance certificate so that we know our customers are in safe hands.

Licenses and background checks
We perform strict identity and criminal history checks on every SwiftHero business that signs up to the platform. We also verify that every employee holds all the necessary licenses for their trade.

Fair prices
SwiftHero charges an industry-average fair hourly rate plus materials, and locks in a price from the beginning. We’ll also be happy to work out an estimate before the job goes ahead.

Suitable times
We recognise that people have busy schedules and finding a suitable time can be difficult. Because we have a large number of providers on the platform, it’s almost certain that at least one person is able to do the job when you want it done. What’s more — we’ll keep you updated with the ETA of your tradesperson by text message when they are on the way so there are no surprises.


How it works

Booking a service on SwiftHero is easy and should only take a minute. To get started, head to swifthero.com.au.

1. First, let us know what you are after.

Let SwiftHero Know What You Need

2. Answer a few basic questions.

Screenshot of SwiftHero

So that we can narrow your order down to a specific service to make your life and your tradesperson’s life easier, we’ll ask you a few easy questions about the job.

This won’t take more than thirty seconds.

3. Pick a time that suits you.

Pick A Time That Suits You

Choose a date and time that works for you. You don’t need to negotiate a workable time with SwiftHero.

For emergencies, we can usually get somebody out to you within the hour. If you’re booking ahead, select a two-hour window in the future and we’ll text you a more exact time once it’s confirmed.

4. Relax, and wait for our text.

We’ll dispatch your job to nearby business immediately. Once somebody accepts it, you’ll get a confirmation text with an ETA and a phone call to discuss the specifics.

Depending on the job, you shouldn’t have to wait longer than a few minutes before receiving the confirmation text.

SwiftHero's ETA Notifications

SwiftHero will keep you updated with the ETA of your tradesperson up until they arrive at your door. If our technology detects that they might be fifteen minutes late because of traffic, we’ll let you know.

At the end, you can pay by cash or card, or request an invoice for your landlord or manager. SwiftHero uses bank grade encryption to protect your your financial information.

5. Mission accomplished — Now leave some feedback.

Five Star Rating

After the job is complete, you’ll be asked to rate your service provider out of five stars. All ratings are submitted anonymously so we encourage you to be honest.

Your feedback helps to keep SwiftHero the best service marketplace in Australia.