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The Damage A Storm Can Do To Your Roof and Awnings

The recent storms in Adelaide and Melbourne have caused a lot of damage. Roofs have been sent flying, and awnings have been destroyed. Fixing the damage caused by the storm can be done quite easily if you have all of the right equipment, but sometimes it’s safer and more efficient to get a trade professional to do the work for you — and SwiftHero can help with that!

Melbourne During A Storm

Awnings and roofs can break quite easily when under crazy weather conditions. Some of the most common roof problems we fix at SwiftHero include roof damage, roof tiles breaking, awnings breaking off the wall, ripped awnings, and even sheet roofs needing to be drilled down.

Most of the time it’s best to get a trade professional to fix these types of issues. Strong winds and ladders are not friends, and getting permanently injured is not worth fixing a few tiles. Leave it to the trade professionals.

As a side note, I didn’t know how to spell “awnings” until a few days ago. I only knew how to spell it once I Googled “ornings repair Melbourne” after my awnings broke off the wall!

Awning repair and replacement

Awnings can break in many ways, with the most common damage being ripped or blown off awning fabric.

Person Climbing Ladder To Fix Awnings

Assuming you’re a daredevil, this is what you need to fix your awnings:

How to fix ripped or damaged awning fabric:

  1. Clean your damaged awnings with cleaning solution.
    To get a clean finish for your damaged awnings, you have to make sure the awning surface is clean from any dust or dirt. If you don’t clean your damaged awnings, then the tent repair kit / repair tape may not stick to the fabric tear/hole.
  2. Dry your awnings.
    The repair kit tape won’t stick to a wet surface! Dry it with a cloth and then let it air dry.
  3. Put the fabric rip / hole on a flat surface.
    This might be difficult if your awning fabric is not easily detachable, so if it’s difficult, just make the fabric as flat as possible.
  4. Apply the tent repair kit / tent repair tape onto the damaged fabric.
    Be sure to put it on both sides of the fabric!

If the awnings fabric is completely destroyed, then you have to cut new awning material and apply it to the rip / hole in the awning. You can then follow the 4 steps above.

If your awnings have blown off and you need someone to put the awning fabric back in its place, or you don’t have the materials (see above), then you should get a trade professional to fix your problem.


The most common roof damage that we take care of at SwiftHero are the following:

Roof Repair During A Storm: Dangerous

These jobs seem like a simple thing to do, but a lot of safety and care is needed when working on your roof. If you do plan to work on your roof, you should have the following:

  1. A strong and sturdy ladder
  2. A good pair of boots
  3. A good pair of workers gloves
  4. Safety rail around your roof
  5. A hammer (depending on your tiles)

If you’re replacing or removing tiles, the process is as follows:

  1. Set up your safe working environment.
    Make sure you’re wearing a good pair of boots and gloves. Make sure you have a safety rail around your roof.
  2. Find the tile you want to replace, install, or remove.
  3. Lift up surrounding tiles so you have access to the base of the tile.
    Note: some tiles are nailed in, so you may have to use a hammer to get them out.
  4. Install, replace, or remove the tile.

This only covers the basics of installing, replacing, or removing tiles. You should only install, replace, or remove your tiles in a safe environment. If you do not have essential safety equipment (e.g. safety rail), you should get a trade professional to fix your problem.

On a more dangerous note

Tree Fallen On Roof

If a tree has fallen onto your roof or car, then you need to contact the State Emergency Services (SES) and they will assist you with emergency temporary repairs. If you are insured, then this will make life a lot easier.

Don’t take any risks!

Has a storm damaged your Melbourne home? Book a qualified handyman or roofer as soon as possible before rain makes the issue worse.