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SwiftHero integrates with Square's API

SwiftHero App On Table

We set out to make the best customer experience, so we needed a payment solution that was accessible, affordable and sleek. That’s why we reached out to Square, because let’s face it – having to fumble with cash or dash to an ATM is never fun for anybody involved.

Square just announced that they’re opening up their new payments toolkit to Australian sellers and developers. With our partnership, we’ve been given private access to their API for the past few months so that we could test it in our SwiftHero Pro app.

Here are the results.

It’s exceeded even our best expectations, and our tradespeople really love the technology. It just goes to show how important technology has become in every sector of the Australian economy.

Although Australia has moved beyond diving into the Yellow Pages, the most common way to hire a tradesperson is to go through the first five local search results or post to an online job-board in the hopes that someone might call back with a quote. We were sick of that – because getting a tradesperson should be as simple as booking an Uber or getting food delivered; we decided last year that we needed to modernise the home-services industry.

SwiftHero and Square

Square’s new API is great for SwiftHero since it allows tradespeople to swipe a credit card right from within the SwiftHero app.

Using Square’s API for point of sale has made taking card payments on the spot effortless, which is what everyone is starting to expect. Payments are instant, making SwiftHero providers’ and customers’ lives easier.

With SwiftHero and Square, tradespeople can run their whole business from their pocket — paperless and cashless.

Forget awkward payments.

One of the issues surrounding the trade services industry is the struggle of payment. Not everybody has accessible hardware for on-the-spot payments (EFTPOS machines can be pricey!) and some trade providers simply defer to cash — often leading to an awkward situation.

SwiftHero works to make sure you have a happy, hassle-free experience. With SwiftHero, you’re ensured an on-time qualified, licensed, insured, friendly, great service provider for a reasonable pre-negotiated price.

Thank you to the great team at @SquareAU!