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Only $120 if we can get you inside within the hour, then $80 per hour.

No time to waste.

SwiftHero is an app that sends your job to the nearest available expert. We won't keep you waiting. Within ten minutes, you'll get a text with an ETA.

You can track your locksmith online up until they arrive at your door.

We only keep the best.

All locksmiths on SwiftHero are personally verified and vetted by our team. Service professionals must maintain an average rating above four stars to remain on SwiftHero.

Every locksmith on SwiftHero has been hand-picked and screened because we only want the best.

Fair, up-front pricing.

SwiftHero locks in an industry-standard competitive hourly rate up-front so there are no surprises.

Be wary of bait and switch scams when booking elsewhere!

Keep informed.

Nobody likes uncertainty, especially in an emergency—SwiftHero will keep you updated with the ETA of your locksmith.

If our technology detects that he may be running fifteen minutes late, we'll let you know with a text message.

Our service area.

SwiftHero is currently available in Melbourne and inner-south-east suburbs. We operate on an 8km radius around Toorak.

We are expanding… Stay tuned.

Our hours.

SwiftHero locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you're locked out of your home late at night, we are here to save your day.

* Availability depends on service area.

I was amazed at how easy SwiftHero was.
Evan from Parkville
SwiftHero takes all the hassle out of finding home services!
Hannah from South Yarra
High quality service from a high quality company.
Vicki from Albert Park
SwiftHero is going to be a household name.
Justin from Balaclava
I didn't think it was possible to get an electrician that fast.
John from Balwyn
SwiftHero amazed me.
Vicki from Ascot Vale

Don't wait around.

You don't have to worry. We'll have somebody out to you in no time.

With SwiftHero, you can track your locksmith's ETA in real-time online, and we'll send you a text when they are arriving.

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Locksmith running fifteen minutes late? We'll send you a text.

About SwiftHero

SwiftHero is evolving the way people order home services.

Exclusive to Melbourne, SwiftHero is a new marketplace created in 2016 to simplify interactions between customers and service professionals.

We are a small team with a big vision: to modernise the home services market in Australia.

A qualified local Melbourne locksmith who can get there on time.

Nobody likes to wait around all day waiting for a knock at the door. It's impossible to schedule your day when you don't know what time your locksmith is going to arrive.

We've heard stories of some tradespersons showing up over five hours later than promised, or in some cases not showing up at all! SwiftHero will not let this happen to you.

SwiftHero will automatically keep you informed by text message. There are no muck arounds with SwiftHero.

The end of an era.

Unreliable business reviews, lack of trust, and still stuck in the 12th century—we decided it was time to make a change.

SwiftHero has brought the home services industry up to speed with technology. Gone are the days of calling multiple locksmiths in Melbourne in hopes of finding an honest, licensed and insured locksmith.

We're passionate about making on-demand home services simple for both customers and businesses. With up-front pricing, real-time ETA notifications and seamless payment, SwiftHero could save your day.

Want to learn more? How SwiftHero Works.