SwiftHero – Company Information

SwiftHero’s mission is to make it easy to get a reliable tradesperson.

We hand-pick only the best local businesses so you can trust that your tradie will be experienced, licenced, insured, and friendly.

SwiftHero was founded in 2016 because we realised how hard it was to find a good tradie. The industry lacked integrity about showing up on time and keeping customers in the loop. It was very common to find that the first few results in an area would lead to an answering machine, which never even got a call back.

It was a game of who could get to the top of Google, and who could get their mates to write a bunch of fake 5-star reviews on Google. None of this has anything to do with being a great tradesman. We think that the best person for the job is not the person who is able to be first on Google, and its not the guy who underbids everyone for dirt cheap either. The best person for the job is someone who consistently solves problems for customers to an exceptional standard.

We work to make tradies and customers lives easier, by ensuring quality and making the experience painless and easy.


  • Anthony Foster


  • Hutch Ozdil


  • Evan Apostolou

    Operations & support

  • Justin Stiles

    Investor, Advisor

  • Tim Jiang

    Investor, Advisor