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SwiftHero is Uberizing the trades industry.

You focus on the work — we’ll handle the rest.

Here’s how it works:

  • Someone books using SwiftHero.

    Customers in need of a tradesperson book online using the SwiftHero website or app.

  • SwiftHero sends the job to the best people.

    Our software sends out the job to the best available tradespeople in the area, based on a number of factors.

  • Accept or pass on the job.

    You’ll have a short time to decide whether to take on the job. If not, we’ll send it along to the next-in-line.


SwiftHero charges customers on pre-determined hourly rates. Our normal rates (Mon-Fri, 6am-5pm) are as follows:


$85 for the first hour, $65 per hour for every hour after that.


$100 for the first thirty minutes, then $70 per hour.


$80 callout, then $90 per hour.


$65 for the first hour, $55 per hour for every hour after that.


$100 fixed fee for getting someone inside.

Please note: materials can be added to jobs, and we take no commision on them. Additionally, after-hours rates do apply, in most cases it’s double the normal rate (e.g. electricial work after hours is $160 callout, then $180 per hour).


One-touch invoicing.

SwiftHero takes care of invoicing, saving you from the boring time on those boring-but-important tasks.

Automatic clocking.

When you walk into the house, the timer is started. At the end of the job, the total is calculated from the call-out fee, hourly rate and material costs.

Simple notifications.

SwiftHero keeps customers in the loop for you. For example, SwiftHero will detect when you’re running late due to traffic and will automatically notify the customer via SMS.

Seamless payment.

Take credit card payments from within the app using a Square Reader or by sending a payment link to the customer. There’s no need to carry around an EFTPOS machine.

And best of all…

No hidden fees or subscription costs.

Spending money chasing unguranteed work is stupid. That’s why our pricing is simple: you only pay for successful jobs.

SwiftHero takes a flat 20% commission on labour.

“SwiftHero fits my busy schedule and has a constant flow of interesting jobs — it’s the best tool of the trade.”

George, HandymanA2Z

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SwiftHero is currently only available in Melbourne, Australia.